SOTE Transplantation and Surgery Clinic (today Semmelweis University)– Reconstruction

Location: Budapest VIII., Baross utca 23–26.

Date of completion: 1994

Architect: CSONTOS Csaba

Associate architects: BÁLINT Zoltán, ÁCS István

Interior designer: PLACHTOVICS Vilmos


The clinic was built in 1896 in late eclectic style as a surgery centre of the university with ornate brick architecture, reminiscent of a palace. Various parts of the building were remodelled in the post-war decades, but the conditions deteriorated and it became empty by the late 1980s. The building has preserved its original shape during the reconstruction and regained its stateliness, at the same time it has been completely remodelled to meet the most up-to-date requirements. The en­trance hall and the main corridors have been refurbished with modern materials, but the solutions have been adjusted to the original style and design of the building. There are three air-conditioned operating rooms, a radiology unit, an X-ray and endoscopy unit, a central laboratory and lecture halls with modern equipment in the building. There are also one to five bed patient rooms and a 12 bed intensive department. The building has a total of 88 beds, including the surgery and transplantation department.