Village School and Gymnasium – Grassalkovich Antal Ethnic German and Bilingual Elementary School

Location: Vecsés, Fő utca 90–92.

Date of completion: 1994

Senior architects: LACZKOVICS László, POTZNER Ferenc

Associate architect: FEJÉRDY Péter

Interior designer: KERECSÉNYI Zsuzsa


The school-complex, with three two-storey, gabled wings built at right angles to the main street, fits into the typical layout pattern of Vecsés. Two of the wings are divided by the cross wing containing the entrance hall, accessible through the front court. The library and the canteen are located at the street end of the wings. There is a multifunctional aula with sunk floor between the side wings with the classrooms, behind the cross wing. The stage of the aula is located on the court side with an exit to the backyard. The third gabled wing – single-storey at the ends and two-storey high in the middle – ­ac­com­-modates the junior classes, connected by a covered bridge passage to the entrance hall. The gymnasium, located behind the wing and courtyard of the junior classes and access­ible from the corridor of the classes, accommodates the cultural programs of the village as well. Its floor level is lower than that of the other parts of the school and the hall can be divided into two parts. The building has face brick walls, the cornices and gables are decorated with dentils, typical of the old houses in the village. The doors and windows feature local Swabian motives. The roofing material is Lindab sheetmetal, corn yellow for the school and black for the gymnasium. The large complex is well integrated to the traditional village environment.