LG Electronics Goldstar Office and Warehouse Building

Location: Budapest IX., Könyves Kálmán körút 3/A

Date of completion: 1996

Architect: PÁLYI Gábor



The office and warehouse building of LG Electronics Goldstar was designed by KÖZTI’s architects based on a baseline design brought from Germany by the client. A three-storey office wing was built on the street front, the high-bay warehouse is accessible by trucks through a back road. The structure of the building is made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elem­ents, with aluminium doors and windows and metal facing panels, originally in blue and white, the colours of the company logo. The Hungarian architects were struggling with the dis­trust of the foreign client during the whole design process. The scale of this mistrust is shown by the fact, that the client did not accept even proposals of better solutions, which were more cost-effective and more uniform in their details, they rather stuck to the original, more complicated and more expensive designs.