Radisson SAS Birdland Resort & Spa

Location: Bükfürdő, Golf út 4.

Date of completion: 2004

Senior architects: HORVÁTH Lajos, MOLNÁR Tibor

Associate architects: FARKAS Zsófia, LADICS Ilona

Interior designer: SCHINAGL Gábor

Landscape designer: CSONTOS Péter


The 207-room five-star golf and wellness hotel was built on and integrated with the site of the Birdland Golf & Country Club (an internationally standardized 18-hole 72 par course), operating in Bükfürdő since 1991. The curved building is constructed along a broken line. The height of the rambling house is varied, this helps to fit the large volume of the building into the undulating, diverse and attractive countryside. The main entrance is pleasantly highlighted by an ornate pool and a fountain; the parking lot, richly planted with trees, is located nearby.

There are common and therapeutic areas on the two lower floors of the hotel. The guest rooms and suites are located along the central corridors on the three higher floors, with rows of loggias providing a pleasant resting-place, protected from rain and sun. The mechanical rooms are located in the attic. The common areas on the ground floor are connected by a system of cosy indoor passages: starting from the foyer in one direction, there is a restaurant, a pub, a club and an audi­torium. In the other direction through the winter garden, there is the spa with wellness services, a swimming pool, a thermal pool and a pool with water features, a children’s pool and a swimming exit to the outdoor pool. In the wellness unit, there is a sauna, a steam cabin, a fitness and aerobics hall, a beauty parlour and other therapeutic units, a medical room, an electric and hydrotherapy unit and a massage parlour.

The building has in-situ reinforced concrete structure, frame system on the lower floors and wall system on the upper floors, where the rooms are located. The curved layout allows varied visual and functional methods to connect and integrate the external and internal spaces in a clearly visible and pleasing way. Natural materials have been used on the front elevation of the building: there is stone facing up to the height of the first floor and plaster above. There are dark coloured plain tiles on the high roof. The popularity of this facility proves that golf can be associated with a kind of country feeling, but also with a wellness lifestyle becoming more and more popular today.