Innovation Centre - Sopron

Helyszín: Sopron, Verő József utca 1.

Date of completion: 2005

Architect: SKARDELLI György

Associate architects: KÁDAS Eszter, LÁZÁR Ferenc

Interior designer: PLACHTOVICS Vilmos

Landscape designer: HAVASSY Gabriella


Sopron Municipality and Aranyhegyi Ipari Park Kft announced a limited architectural design competition for a new innovation centre for the town. The competition and the commission to prepare the building permit design, the tender documents and the final construction drawings was awarded to KÖZTI’s architect György Skardelli.

According to the basic concept, the wing of the building complex along Verő József Street follows the steep gradient of the site broken by three terraces, leading the visitors of the Industrial Park from the entrance of the facility to the buildings to be constructed at the would-be park. This so-called passage building has three wings laid out at right angles, containing the offices, sitting on various levels of the slope. The oval shape of the fourth wing highlights special functions (meeting rooms, an auditorium and a restaurant). The image suggesting technical development, the clear interior spatial connections and the adjustment to the terrain were the defining components of the design concept, as well as the possibility of scheduled construction. Although the details of the design were modified a lot from the competition until the construction, the basic idea of the concept was successfully preserved.

The three-storey passage building along Lejtő Street – with open mezzanines on two floors – accommodates the offices of the whole industrial park, bank premises, a group of elevators and an open staircase. On the ground floor of the three-storey cross-wing, there are rentable premises for workshops and offices and there are rentable offices on the upper storeys as well. The third floor is completely open, but the mechanical installations located here are completely enclosed. The floors are connected by staircases at the two ends of the wing. The sani­tary blocks with the kitchenettes are located opposite the staircases. There is a kitchen for cooking 300 portions and a self-service restaurant on the ground floor of the oval build­ing and meeting rooms which can be interconnected to make larger auditoriums, on the first floor. In the pitched roof structure, a local mechanical unit serves the comfort of the restaur­ant, the kitchen and the meeting rooms. The various building volumes are connected to each other with simple architectural solutions. The passage building – after the final stages of the construction are completed – will provide a covered passage from the main road to the industrial park, as a defining element of the composition. The use of materials is dominated by the transparent glass wall, divided by metal ribs and stripes. The passage building and the cross-wing have a flat roof with a projecting cornice; the oval building and the connecting corridor have low-pitch titanium-zinc metal sheet roofing.

The preliminary works for the whole industrial park and the site of the innovation centre were done simultaneously, including grading, the construction of the roads and the instal­lation of public utilities. The new building is accessible on foot from Highway 84 and from the industrial park; and through the service road running parallel with Highway 84 by car. There are parking lots for 33 cars along the main road and for 65 cars at the back of the site. The first phase was completed in 2005 by the Sopron Municipality with funding from PHARE CBC. The building permit designs for the second and third phases have already been prepared and also approved, the feasibility of the project is permanently on the agenda of the owners.