Riverloft Apartment and Office Building

Location: Budapest XIII., Révész utca 27–31.

Date of completion: 2007

Architect: TIMA Zoltán

Associate architects: NAGY Borbála, GÖMÖRY Kristóf, MOLNÁR J. Tibor

Tájépítészek: TIMA Zoltán, HAVASSY Gabriella


The possibility for the full scale urban and architectural re­habili­tation of the section of the Danube riverside between the Vizafogó housing estate and Dráva Street in Újlipótváros was opened, when the industrial functions were displaced. The most valuable architectural element of this area is the brick building at the junction of Révész Street and Népfürdő Street, designed by Kornél Neuschloss and protected by the municipality. It was built in 1914 as one of warehouse of the Budapest Gas Works. The plot is bordered by Révész Street on the south and Népfürdő Street on the west. The walkway along the north­ern side and the connected green area is the first section of a green corridor open towards the Danube, pro­posed by the local regulation plan. The relationship between the former shape of the main building – the block with carefully designed characteristic high gables on Révész Street – and the stepped cross wings parallel with Népfürdő Street, suggesting incompleteness came up as an interesting issue, so did the unity of their composition. The design – answering this dilemma arbitrarily and without knowing the actual intention of the original architect – votes for unity in the composition of the new and the existing build­ings. The building, constructed in the beginning of the last century, became a component of a new system, its values have been preserved along with some smaller changes and add­itions required by the new function. The location of the new building is adjusted to the existing structure and it is connected to the two side wings. The raising of the building height of the side wings emphasizes the existing stepped blocks, at the same time – adjusted to the greatest height – it carries on the hie­rarchy of the wings, parallel with and at right angles to the Danube. The closed character of the almost square internal courtyard, surrounded by the wings, is compensated by the single-storey high opening under the new lateral wings and the two-storey high opening under the northern block. This gesture establishes a visual and traffic connection with Népfürdő Street and the surrounding large green areas.