Hotel Marmara

Location: Budapest V., Nagy Ignác utca 19.

Date of completion: 2009

Architect: TIMA Zoltán

Associate architects: NAGY Borbála, STEIN Zoltán

Interior designer: Yesim Karaca Interior Works


The former building on the plot, with ground floor + one storey and an interior courtyard, was constructed in 1888. Although the building preserved the features of historicism in its char­acter and structure, it could not have been considered to be a particularly valuable architectural product even at the time it was built. The façade, the courses and the proportions of the gateway were too rough and loose. The sight of the neighbouring 15 to 20 meter high blank firewalls was extremely unpleasant in the cityscape. The building, according to the regulation plan, was listed in the “conservation recommended” category, however – probably due to the above mentioned disadvantage for the cityscape – the architect could definitely consider a possible demolition, so the parameters were also provided for this case. At the same time, the building permit was difficult to obtain, because the demolition of the building, located in a Conservation Area within the Grand Boulevard in Pest, was approved by the Office of Cultural Heritage only after many consultations.

The proportions of the sides of the plot are 1:2 and the objective of the layout was financial efficiency (that is to maximize the number of rooms). At the same time, the rotated U-shaped floor plan provided an interior court with the best spatial proportions. The rooms are very small, as required by the developer, but they are equipped to meet four-star standards. The build­ing consists of a basement, ground floor and seven storeys. There are 16 rooms on each floor, accessible through a staircase and two elevators. The plane of the elevation is recessed on the sixth floor, reducing the size of the rooms, but these apartments have terraces and so they are the highest category units in the building. On the top (seventh) floor, there is a sundeck on the street side and the mechanical room on the other side, farthest from the street. The main entrance of the hotel lobby, the car lift for the underground garage and the service entrance are located on the hardly 19 meter long street front of the ground floor. The service entrance provides a direct connection to the kitchen of the building and the service rooms in the basement. The bar of the hotel – with an opening glass wall providing an intensive public area connection – is also located on the street front. The image of the façade and the building materials follow the functional purity, coordinated with the architectural character of the neighbouring – mostly eclectic – buildings of varied forms at the same time. The construction of the street façade avoids the traditional hole architecture, intending to create a harmony of the surfaces and hiding the depressing proportions of the floors with a rather low 2.85 meter floor-to-ceiling height. The cornice plates on every second floor provide fire barriers on the façade.