GTC Metro Office Building – Budapest Bank Headquarters

Location: Budapest XIII., Váci út 193.

Date of completion: 2010

Architect: TIMA Zoltán

Associate architects: SZŐKE Marianna, NAGY Borbála



The suburbs and rust belts have been functionally reevaluated for the past 5 to 10 years, the former industrial areas have been replaced by offices and commercial districts. It has also happened along Váci Road, the main thoroughfare leading to the north of Budapest. The new functions (department stores and office buildings) are quiet, but the residential function has almost completely been displaced due to the vehicle traffic. This qualitative and quantitative change has been recognized by the urban development regulation, passed in 2005. The former residential areas have been reclassified as institutional zones. Commercial areas with large floor-spaces have been built on the sites of abandoned factories.

The layout of the building is adjusted to the expected development of the urban road network in the near future and to the road connections of the planned northern bridge on the Danube. The layout possibilities of the building were very much restricted by the extremely complex outline of the plot and the limitation of the building height due to the lower buildings of the eastern side. The two parallel building blocks of varying heights consist of the “tower building”, situated closer to the main road and emphasizing the corner position, as well as a lower wing, providing the background and func­tioning as a visual border. This pure composition is emphasized by the image of the façade and the use of materials. The mon­otony of the reddish Cor-Ten cladding between the one-storey high openings of the grid elevation system is relieved by the randomly placed glazed surfaces of a complementary green colour. The full surface of the internal parts of the build­ing, connecting the main blocks is glazed.

The floor plan of the building has a clear composition based on the above elements. The lowkey, two-storey high and elegant main entrance hall, located between the main blocks and opened in a north to south direction, reflects the exterior proportions of the elevations with its lateral walls. The access cores, serving the upper office floors, contain two elevators each. A bank branch office and a restaurant, serving more than four hundred employees, open from the entrance hall. There is a three-storey garage under the building. The office spaces on the upper floors are well-lit, due to the geometry and the favourable dimensions of the building, and the floor-to-ceiling windows have a very positive impact on the interior spaces. The layout of the various spaces is flexible and adjustable due to the divisions of the facade. The offices on the 6th, 7th and 8th floors have large terraces due to the stepped form of the building.