Liszt Ferenc International Airport SkyCourt

Location: Budapest, Ferihegy

Date of completion: 2011

Vezető építész: TIMA Zoltán

Senior architects: NÉMETH Tamás, MOLNÁR J. Tibor

Associate architects: RÁTI Orsolya, SZABÓ Dávid, FISCHER Bence, TÖLGYESI Kaplony, LAMOS Péter, STEIN Zoltán


The buildings of Terminal 2 at the Budapest International Airport were built according to a modular arrangement plan developed in the 1970s. This concept included the construction of three self-contained terminals with a diagonal layout, arranged around a common centre. Terminal 2A, completed in 1984, shows very well the pure architectural construction of a building organized around a diagonal central line. Terminal 2B also follows this basic concept with its layout, but the floor plans –though preserving the diagonal character– break away from the pure symmetry in several places. The basic concept of the extension was that –partly on the area of, or directly connected to the existing buildings– the new building wedged in between them should ensure the complete connection of the two existing terminals. Consequently, the design has broken away from the former modular system and in contrast, tried to fully integrate the two modules. The emphasis –besides preserving the main entrances– has been laid on the hall, constructed between the two existing buildings. The general image is organised by this central component.

The new hall building –the SkyCourt– is a major feature not only with its exterior image, but also with its interior: it integrates the terminal into a single organic unit. On the groundside, the building is bordered by the façade of the departure area and the public traffic bridge. On the airside, the building extends 21 metres beyond the elevation lines of Terminals 2A and 2B. The steel roof structure, spanning nearly 70 metres, is only supported along these two border-lines. The shape of the roof structure reflects the internal functional arrangement and operation of the terminal. The two-thirds solid roof surface, rounded off on the ground side – in spite of its size– confirms the functional importance of the two existing passenger halls and the place of the retained main entrances. The SkyCourt with its exterior and interior design is intended to be the symbol of the new building complex, its image endowing the airport with an international prestige. The most important part of the building is the two-storey passenger traffic area, where every departing passenger passes through. After taking their boarding cards and passing a security check, the passengers arrive to the central area of the spectacular SkyCourt, where the shops are located. Large resting and waiting areas have been established on the departure level, the waiting rooms of the airlines and the restaurants are located on the gallery.

The airside parts of Terminals 2A and 2B have been extended in the later phases of the development, completed with so-called jetties situated at right angles to the buildings with 10 passenger bridges on both sides in order to allow direct boarding to the airplanes.





New extension of T2B-pier

Helyszín: 1185 Budapest, BUD Nemzetközi Repülőtér, 2-es Terminál, B pier Átadás éve: 2018 Építész: TIMA Zoltán Projektvezető építész: NÉMETH Tamás Építész munkatársak: […]