Hotel Royal Park

Location: Budapest VII., Nefelejcs utca 6.

Date of completion: 2011

Architect: MAROSI Miklós

Associate architect: SIMKÓ Gábor

Belsőépítészr: SCHINAGL Gábor

Landscape designer: HAVASSY Gabriella


This hotel was built in the famous and infamous “Chicago“ quarter in Pest. In his gang novel published with this title in 2012, Pál Békés wrote the following: “…because of the easily understandable world of the streets laid out in a regular grid and the pure formula of rationality and modernity, this quarter was knicknamed Chicago, although some people say it was meant to be a derogatory name. It seemed as if the new quarter in Pest competed with the unknown American uncle: it grew out of nothing in two years.“ It is difficult to present the characteristic greyness of this site, its original atmosphere preserved until today and the uniformity of the buildings built at the same time, better than the above quoted novel.

The flat-roofed hotel building consists of a basement, a ground floor and six storeys. The court wing of the L-shaped building is adjacent to the fire wall on the left. It is basically a boutique hotel of the medium-sized city hotel category, constructed and equipped to meet 3 to 4 star requirements, fully airconditioned, with a classic “bed and breakfast“ service. The guest rooms are accessible by the central elevator. Basically, there are two types of rooms: 12 to 14 square metre double rooms with shower enclosures in the middle section of the building and larger 15 to 16 square metre double rooms in the lateral sections, with the possibility to add an extra bed for children and bathrooms with bathtubs. The rooms are classical doubles furnished with a double bed with a high headboard, night tables, a wall mounted desk with a seat and a qual­ity curtain. The reception, the foyer and the coffeeroom are nicely lighted by recessed lights, modern chandeliers and desk lamps of high quality.

It is wellknown that this part of Erzsébetváros has the smallest green area percentage in Budapest. Therefore it is especially important, that the hotel has a garden in the courtyard with a flowing water feature that the guests of the lobby-bar can also enjoy sitting on the garden terrace. The front elevation on Nefelejcs Street was carefully elaborated in order to fit the eclectic street. It has a contemporary image, it does not pretend to be historical but it is not ostentatious. The vertical proportioning of the front elevation, including the delicate plastic effect of the brick facing and the descreet recession of the attic have been designed to enrich the street view seen from a foreshortening perspective. We can enter into an exciting communication with the life of the city through the glass walls of the ground floor foyer. There are longterm plans to convert the street into a pedestrian passage opening to Baross Square.