University of West Hungary – Natural Resources Research Laboratory Centre

Location: Sopron, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 4.

Date of completion: 2012

Senior architects: TOMPOS Csaba, RADVÁNYI Katalin

Associate architect: VARGHA Júlia

Interior designer: KERECSÉNYI Zsuzsa

Landscape designer: HAVASSY Gabriella


The research laboratory complex was built on existing terraces of the sloping terrain, in place of demolished buildings. It is connected to existing buildings, the vocational training workshop and the hall. Three wings were constructed parallel with the contour lines and the longitudinal axis of the hall building, creating an open structure with two internal courtyards on the southeast side. A connecting wing at the northwestern end of the complex, accommodating the main entrances of the laboratory buildings as well, provides easy connection between the wings for pedestrians and the building services – facilitated by two elevators of 630 kilogram capacity each – and the shortest access route to any part of the complex. The hall building was architecturally refurbished and upgraded to the quality of the other new building parts. The vocational training workshop with the connected units remained in the hall building, as well as the laboratories for energetics and the required store-rooms. A dust extraction fan and a silo were installed between the workshop on the top terrace and the existing retaining wall, with a 12 metre long and 25 centimetre thick reinforced concrete wall built along the back elevation of the workshop building, facing the supporting wall. On the middle terrace, 3,5 metres lower, the wing belonging to the Faculty of Wood Sciences accommodates the laboratory of wood technology on three floors, with a training workshop and a laboratory for energetics. The exit of the laboratories, functionally related to the vocational training workshop, is in the courtyard between the laboratory wing and the training workshop wing. The laboratories containing the fume hoods are located on the 3,6 metre high third floor, ensuring the direct vertical ventilation of the hoods. The laboratory building of the Faculty of Forestry, with a basement and three storeys, is located on the bottom terrace. The service entrance of the laboratory complex (with a 1600 kg freight elevator) opens from the road running parallel with the longitudinal axis of the laboratory wings, close to the preserved Szent Borbála mine-shaft. The laboratories dealing with heavy physical load (soil mechanics laboratory) or transport difficulties (furniture testing laboratory) are situated at the basement levels of the complex, because it would have been more difficult to install them on the upper storeys. The garage is located at the south­eastern end of this section. The building complex is connected through the vocational training workshop, with a corridor equipped with a fire door, to the existing, refurbished, three storey high, saddle roofed university building in Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street, which accommodates laboratories, too. This building was not part of the design work.