New extension of T2B-pier

Location: 1185 Budapest, BUD Liszt Ferenc Airport, Terminal 2, B pier

Date of completion: 2018

Architect: TIMA Zoltán

Project leader: Tamás NÉMETH

Associate architects: Kaplony TÖLGYESI, Tibor MOLNÁR, Borbála GÁL, Zsófia GÖNCZÖL, István BODA, Dávid BAKOS


The latest important milestone of the development - starting from 2007- of Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2 is the new extension of T2B-pier, which was completed in 2018. The new building provides direct connection to the arriving and departing airplanes with 7 new passenger bridges, 10 direct aircraft stands and 7 bus gates linked to the building of Terminal 2B. The departure floor level and the structural raster (8.4 / 8.4 m) of the two-storey building, mainly serving the Schengen air traffic, aligns with the existing T2B building, but the departure floor, which is the main functional area, is 3 raster wide, 30 raster-long hall space without internal pillars, which enabled the flexible design of the interior.

Allocating and forming of the connecting fix boarding bridges and staircases were basically determined by the arrangement of the connecting apron, the possibly aircraft stand configuration. The building's three centrally located, architecturally recessed and optically covered mechanical blocks are placed in the central raster of the entry level, above the cores of the restrooms and commercial rental areas. Open parking and operational areas are established under the building on the apron level, while under the reinforced concrete slab of the departure floor, the passenger flow can reach the arrival hall -fully glazed on both sides- connecting to the arrival level of Terminal 2B, through the suspended arrival corridor by a one-flight staircase and a lift.

In addition to the rational and economical fulfilment of the fixed functional requirements, the architectural concept was to provide a transparent and clean design of the exterior and interior of the building. According to the architectural/interior design concept of the most important space of the departure floor, the hall was designed without suspended ceiling, so it was an important aspect to create a well-structured/covered design of the service ducts and installations.

The building's unified usage of facade materials, the white metal sheet surfaces and the horizontal zoning of the glazed facades continue the SkyCourt's generous concept, while in the departure hall the large fair face concrete surfaces and dark grey ceramic flooring - with a bit more rough, more industrial look - provide calm background to the diverse flow of the planned traffic function.




Liszt Ferenc International Airport SkyCourt

Helyszín: Budapest, Ferihegy Átadás éve: 2011 Vezető építész: TIMA Zoltán Építészek: NÉMETH Tamás, MOLNÁR J. Tibor Építész munkatársak: RÁTI Orsolya, SZABÓ Dávid, […]